Fandom Musicals Toronto, Ontario

Fandom Musicals is a live performance group dedicated to spreading the fandom through musicals, sketch comedy, and interactive improv.

Our shows include
Fandom Hearts
Star Explorers
Frost Bite
X Musical
Fandom Hearts 2
and many more to come!
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Track Name: We Are Fandom Musicals
Some people ask me what we do
And we will tell you now
But we will do it in the only
Way that we know how

We'll sing and dance
And do a show
And you'll have lots of fun

You'll understand
Our group a little
Better once we're done

And all our shows will blow your mind
We're happy to proclaim
But let me first start off
By simply telling you our name

Fandom Musicals
We do a lot of shows
Parodies and spoof
Off all the fandoms that you know

Like Kingdom Hearts
and Doctor Who
and The Walking Dead
Marvel Comics, Anime
And Kingdom Hearts again

And oh so many more
That we can't list off in this song
Watch our shows and get the music
Then watch and sing along

So start by watching Fandom Hearts
By clicking on this door
If you like our stuff then please subscribe
To see a whole lot more!