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Soundtrack recorded by Momo MacLeod of Spiced Reality Productions |


released July 13, 2015

All music written and composed by Rene Beauregard and Tyler Mann
"Animezing" written by Tyler Mann, music by Neon Trees, instrumental track used with permission.
"Ballad Of The Mages" written and composed by Brent 'Brentalfloss' Black, covered with permission.




Fandom Musicals Toronto, Ontario

Fandom Musicals is a live performance group dedicated to spreading the fandom through musicals, sketch comedy, and interactive improv.

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Track Name: Animezing Opening Theme
Here we are again
I'm sitting bored online and then
I notice ads start popping up for
all these awesome tv shows

They come from Japan
I start to watch a couple and oh man
I see that there's at least a
couple thousand and I need to know
This Animezing show!

Oh oh, there's Naruto
Raw raw now onto Dragonball
Where have these been all my life

Ha ha, Inuyasha
Hey hey, watch them all everyday
This is how I press play
Watching Anime

Here we are again
My butt planted to the couch and then
The remote goes missing and the
TV's stuck on YuGiOh

I just sit and stare
And I get taken in by their
Art style and storyline
I get obsessed all of the time

Oh oh I must be strange
Oh oh I need real life for a change
Can't keep track of the time of day.

My mom says I need a life
My friends say that I am losing my mind
I kinda think it's okay
Obsessing anime


There are my only friends
I hope it never ends
I need some sleep tonight
We can't sleep tonight

Gotta watch em all
Gotta watch em all, gotta watch em
all, gotta watch em all

Guess what? I'm gonna cosplay
I don't give a crap what my friends say
It's worth the drive up to Gatineau

To see all the people like me
As we all join together just to be
Let's all say this one thing

Whoah whoa
Let's start the show
Whoa whoa
We're yelling 321 go
This is the first thing we’ll sing

Cause we can't wait to start
And show these shows
That are close to our hearts
After we're done you will know
Track Name: Ballad Of The Mages (Brentalfloss Cover)
So here we are, three mages on a quest,
Of course there's a fourth but as you might have guessed
he doesn't understand what it is to be a mage,
but we're gonna tell you now, gonna open that cage, gonna let you in,
gonna turn the page in the book that is the story of our lives, the glory of a Fantasy, a Final Fantasy, and if you wanna hear about it I'm the man to see

I am the red mage, I can do it all,
Both kinds of magic and swordplay too, y'all!
So many skills that it takes to be a hero
A jack of all trades but the master of zero
What am I great at? Nothin' I'm told, ya see I always get the bronze but never the gold
Well some day soon I hope to be best,
Just for a moment better than the rest!

Oh ho... my life is a tragic paradox, I said
Oh ho... I feel like a circle in a squarer box
Why am I afraid to choose a scepter or a blade?
I could focus on one, and son, I'd have it made
Until that day I'm just a man on a quest, but mark my words I'm gonna be the best!

Hey there, it's me. The team's only lady
I throw like a girl and I punch like a baby
so the guys in the party tend to take me for granted
This enchanted maid is a shade disenchanted...
"I am your equal," What a silly notion!
It's not about size, it's the motion in my potion
I don't ask much, just someone to say,
"Hey White Mage, good job today"

Maybe I don't have the strength to wield
An elven sword or a mythril shield
But my heart is strong, and my wand is too
So try to keep in mind, that without me you'd be so screwed

I'm the black mage, but I betcha knew that
Yellow eyes, my disguise, do you like my pointy hat?
I'm a master of the elements, but all that is irrelevant
I step into a room and I'm invariably the elephant

Not just a pyro, I'm also pretty smart
And the fire in my hands comes directly from my heart

When push comes to shove, I want friends, I want love
I want a bride-to-be, family, all of the above
And I'll be damned if I fail, 'cause wouldn't that be tragic
If I let you judge me by the color of my magic?
And even if you're prejudiced and wanna make a mess of this
You're gonna be incredulous I'll show you what a legend is!

I'm just a lowly black mage
Relegated to the backstage
There's so much I wish you knew
So that maybe you'd see I'm just like you


Track Name: Welcome To Our Fandom
Welcome to our fandom!
We're so glad you came in!

Welcome to our fandom
Please forgive my tears
Matt Smith was replaced
He only lasted for 3 years

So now there's some new old guy
But we should accept him still
Hell, take my money
Put it on my bill

Welcome to our fandom
There's tons of shirtless guys
Some people say there is no story
That's a bunch of lies

Sure it makes no sense at times
But it's tons of fun
Watch, then masturbate, and then
you're done.

Welcome to our fandom
Our con's a piece of shit
All our guests walked out on us
But we have a ball pit-


Welcome to our fandom
Fight scenes? There's a lot
You're almost guaranteed
To get a ladies panty shot

And sure I started cosplaying
Before Episode One
I'll attach myself to something
That's not done

Welcome to our fandom
There's wizards galore
7 books in the series
But there aren't anymore...

Welcome to my fandom
It's the world of fan-fic
Sure there are a lot of writers
Who are completely sick

But lots of fans just want to
Live their stories all again
And some of them will help you
And even be your friend

So just dive in and say hello
New stories will begin
So welcome to my fandom

I'm so glad you came in!
Track Name: Navy Sailor Scouts
Drop the anchors by moonlight
Sail the ocean by daylight
We've never been in a real fight
He is the Sailor named Sailor Moon

He is not afraid of the deep end
He is always ready to defend
He is the one with whom we can descend
He is the Sailor named Sailor…

Sailor Voyage

Sailor Mariner

Sailor Mast

Sailor Jury Rig

This great vast ocean is
So new to him
He is the Sailor named Sailor Moon


Drop the anchors by moonlight
(meow meow)
Sail the ocean by daylight
(meow meow)
He's not afraid of a Krakken fight
He is the Sailor named Sailor Moon
(meow meow meow meow)

He is the Sailor named Sailor Moon
(meow meow meow meow)
He is the Sailor…
Sailor Moon!
Track Name: The Convention Song
Haven’t you always
had a love for anime
Comics and Figurines,
And some things that are gay?

Well then this is the place
The location for you
Where you can see all that and more
And do anything you want to, so...

Lets go to a convention!
I’m sure it’ll be alright!
What’s a little lack of sleep
When we can see Cloud Strife?

So come on join the adventure
It’ll be fun if you allow
It’s Friday morning
The sun is up, the time to go is now!

See my first issue is with
All of the long waits
Just to get in the thing
It takes us 40 days.

And by that time
My feet are sore
And I am full of stress
Who gives a crap
About this con
I really need some rest

I heard that you like manga
One piece and Naruto
Well here at this convention
I’m sure we can bestow

Manga at a cheaper price
And not used from a bargain bin
US cover price it is
Any more would be a sin

My second problem is
I’m always in a hurry
I work to earn a living
And money’s my main worry

Sure I love nerdy things
Like Zelda and Pokémon
But sharing a bed with you’s not my
idea of fun!

Look all around you
These cosplays are sublime!
so many unique ones
but mostly from sword art online

But lets be honest here
These ones are really neat
Look at that guy he has got some
Big claws on his feet

If you’re still not convinced
Lets talk about the guests
Brentalfloss, Doctor Holocaust
Those guys sure are the best!

Started as a perfect day
My very first convention
I was dressed up as Luffy
And I thought I was in heaven

I stood and I waited
So impatient for the fun
All we got was a ball-pit
Yes I went to Dash-con
Track Name: I Am Link
Look at me I am Link
People like to call me a big ole dink
that’s what they think.

Look at me, I am Link.
I can steal your stuff faster than a blink
with a wink.

You will never catch me,
cause I am fast.
I’ll make sure you’ll never
kick my ass.

I’m a pro at rolling on the ground.
I’ll keep on taking everything I
can and I won’t make a sound!


Look at me, I am Link.
I push all their patience, to the brink.
They’ll need a shrink.

Look at me, I am Link.
People say I dress like I’m a twink.
Well they all stink.

I have been all alone since my birth,
searching for hidden things across the earth.
I will look inside every treasure chest
and everyone in Hyrule will know
not to mess with the best.

Track Name: I Am Link (Reprise)
I am Link.
I am called a dink.
That’s what all the Hylians think.

I am Link.
I am not a twink.
I’ll change what you think.

I can do anything.
I will do everything.
I can prove it to you.

I am Link.
Please don’t blink.
All the Hyrulians think that I stink.

I am Link.
I don’t need a shrink,
I’ll change what you think.

I’ll show you all my tricks.
You’ll say he’s courageous
Let me prove it to you.
Track Name: The New Avatar
Captain planet, he’s a hero
Gonna take pollution down to zero
He’s the brand new avatar
The worlds newest superstar
Captain Planet, he’ll defeat you
His values are strong and true
Earth Fire Wind Water and Heart
Everyone can do their part
Track Name: Captain Planet vs Naruto
Haha. Screw you. You’ll never win.
Go home. Get a life and leave us
the hell alone. No one really cares
about you.

You see. That we. Can change the
world, and you, stand there, right
in the damn way. I’ll never let you

You think you will win. Well I will
defend. You’re gonna destroy the
earth. I won’t let you win. You
must fucking dieeeeeeee.


We will fight. And I will win.

You can’t see, that I am

We won’t back down. We will
You’re in my way, prepare to fight,
and I’ll make the world
A better place
Track Name: hackSAO
I am here once again,
What are the odds?
Tell me friend, to be trapped in a
virtual reality,

It's just my luck to be stuck
Prevented from logging out
And return to the life that is
waiting for me

The key to logout is before you
Just climb the tower of Aincrad
Level up, beat the boss, soon you will see
That only you can save us all from destiny

This game is wholly impossible
The secret to winning lies in teamwork
No one will reach level hundred
When players are too, too selfish to work together

We are here once again,
SAO we will rend
Never give up, never surrender to anyone
We will inspire hope, share it with everyone,
With our courage, we will triumph through adversity
Track Name: Full Metal P**** [Explicit]
Ever since I was a child,
I’ve harboured a secret
A tiny one.
A little metallic thing a ma jig
No it’s not a gun

And now I’ve got an issue
A problem for you to solve
Grab your smallest wrench
And some grease so we can resolve

My automail penis is broken
My metal cocks not erect
Its hinges are snapped
Its broken in half
My dick has a defect

So please put your hands on it
You better not be a klutz
Some WD 40, a cloth and hammer
Make sure not bust my nuts

Not yet anyway

My organ is shattered
My penis has splattered
Its all that mattered
To meeee

My warriors not mighty
It shames Aphrodite
Don’t take this lightly
My poor wee wee

I’ve been working on something new
Something just for you
Its larger, stronger better and faster
It’ll be a lot more easy to

Its an automail vagina
Its strong and can handle a lot
Its better than a penis
No need for a second thought

Don’t worry no one will know
Try and be an optimist
I’ll keep private the vagina
Of the full metal alchemist.
Track Name: Animedley (Finale Song)
I wanna sing the very best
Medley there ever was
Perform better than all the rest
While spreading our fandoms

I don't care what we've been served
Cease and desist is wrong
We'll show them that we deserve
To sing our favorite songs

Gotta catch em' all

They will see
That this is a parody


Sony might own this song
But fair use laws keep us strong


Our medley proves
We don't need to be autotuned
Come along, I'll sing with you

Gotta catch em' all, gotta catch em' all

I think it's time we sing this theme,
Get everybody and the stuff together,
Okay, Three Two One Let's medley

Wait guys!

You don't know what you're messing with
All these lawyers will tear you limb from limb
And leave you broke as shit

If you want to go write this song
You'll need experts to help so you can win
So call this one real quick

Copyright lawyers!
A courtroom adventure.
Copyright lawyers!
A quest for all time.

Each law possesses a loophole to be used
You've got to learn them to sing your medley's tune

You have to change the words
So that it's a parody
To avoid getting sued
Cuz you don't have a million
dollars to pay up

Change the lyrics
To keep writing parodies
Made by fans for fans
And come to cons just like G-anime!

Legendary lawyer
Master of copyright, oh yeah.

I'll prosecute your ass now
Is the best
You don't stand a chance!

Not a chance,
Not a chance...

It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-DUEL!

Master Seiya, please understand.

We wanna sing our favorite songs
We wanna go all night long

You cannot stop us now,
We know the rules,
To be the best you just have to

Change enough that we
Can be considered a parody

You cannot touch us now
We're free to go
Tell your bosses
We all say no

It's a whole new con to visit
With a whole new song to sing

It's a whole new show
With a brand new parody
But we're still going to sing our songs
And be the best that we can be
(Best that we can be)

A heart so true
Our courage will pull us through

You teach me and I'll teach you
Gotta watch it all, gotta watch it all